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Innistrad Draft #2

31 Jan

I like playing Magic: The Gathering online. I’m not very good at it though. In a perfect world I’d be constantly making finals, but it happens to me far too often. Still, I get a lot of enjoyment out of Magic, and Innistrad has been particularly good fun.

So anyhoo, I decided to jump into a 4/3/2/2, as I find swiss drafts to be a complete lack of challenge. My very first pick was Gavony Township, a land which puts +1/+1 counters on all your creatures. Now this is a pretty good card, so I decided to go for the green/white archtype which is extremely popular.

It was going pretty well too, and I eventually managed to amass 3 doomed travellers, a couple of pilgrims (for mana) a midnight haunting (token generator) and a few over tasty cards. Most surprising of all was a second Gavony Township. I had a fast deck with low, but decent removal. The deck itself looked like this.

The top curve is admittedly a little high, but it had a lot of low mana creatures, which I was hoping would at least stall the early game until I could get some of my bigger hitters out. That was the plan anyway…

My first opponent was a blue-green player with a splash of black. He had some great cards including Mirror Mad Phantasm, tribute to hungers and a few other bits and bobs. He played well, and quickly took the first game. Fortunately, I was able to claw back the second 2 games due to a small smidgen of luck on my part and a couple of silly players by my opponent (he managed to effectively deck himself game 2).

Eventually this happened.

My second game was against a red black player and his deck was mental. He had lots and lots of removal including geistflame, tribute to hunger, victim of night and devil’s play. He also had an insane amount of fast creatures, including 9 crossway vampires. This card is particularly nasty as it can stop a creature from blocking when it comes into play. I ended up never being able to get more than 2 creatures out at a time and I crashed out after 2 quick games. Fortunately, I one enough cards to break even, so I’ll probably have another game tomorrow night 🙂


First Innistrad Draft Of The New Year

2 Jan

The Innistrad block is proof that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Upon its announcement I cynically felt that its clash between Human, Werewolves and Vampires was nothing more than an attempt to ensnare the Twilight crowd. Upon playing it, I now realise that I’m a complete douche.

There’s too much great stuff to say about Innistrad, so you can see some of my points about the set here.

I’m far more interested in sharing with you how my first draft of the new year went. But first a quick lesson.

  • I Suck At Playing Innistrad online

I love it you see, and play it a lot, but I just can’t get my head around the various archetypes that are available to draft, and there are a lot of them. I’m also pretty slow at realising when a colour is open, meaning I often get screwed out of decent cards during the second pack. Anyway, it was the start of a new year. Surely things would go right this time?

The first card I opened was Mikeaus, an insane mythic that can pump up all your other creatures to insane levels. I then drafted Hero of the Meek, a white rare that lets you draw a card for 1 mana if the creature you’ve just cast has power 2 or less. My 3rd pick was Sever the Bloodline, a ridiculous black rare that exiles cards and has flashback.

Needless to say I went black/White. Here’s a look at the deck I drafted.


It’s a little light on white, but there’s some nice synergy with the cards, particularly the Cathars, who can be sacked to boost Mikeaus. In fact I would often play him asap, just so I could start pumping him up to a significant size.

  • Game 1

My first opponent had a very good white/blue deck with fantastic synergy between Stitcher’s Apprentice, Galvanic Juggernaut and his how Hero of the Meek. Every turn he would create a 2/2 creature, draw a card of it, then sack it to untap his juggernaut. He was wrecking havoc, but some home sever the bloodline always won me the game. The matches were close though, and I think he had the better deck. I think he did as well, as he refused to communicate with me. I won this match 2-1

  • Game 2

This player was blue/black and had some great removal, a zombie theme and graveyard recursion. Fortunately for me, he made a number of silly mistakes, and was unfortunate in having a lot of his genuinely great cards like murder of crows milled away. I actually won this match 2-0.

  • Game 3

My final opponent was playing a very nasty green white human deck with spider spawn back up. Fortunately spider spawn didn’t make an appearance in the first game, and thanks to a well played banshee from me, I was able to make him concede the first game. The second game was far tougher, particularly when he cast Spider Spawning as seen here.

My board presence was decent, but his spiders were tokened up and as I only had 5 minutes left to win, it looked like the tables had turned. on my next turn I attacked with the banshee. He died, but I did take out one of his spiders. I then used unburial rights to get back my banshee, which proceeded to kill his remaining buffed spider. He played spider spawning again, but the falkirk noble, alter’s reap and repeating the banshee trick allowed me to win with about 2 and a half minutes to spare. It was a great result netting me 4 booster packs. One day I may attempt an 8/4 draft, but that day is a long way off 😉