Why I love Board Games Part 1

12 Jan

Man updating this blog regularly is hard work, goodness knows how people like Tom Vasel manage it all the time. All my spare time gets eaten up so quickly that before you know it, the time has just disappeared, and a new day has begun.

Still that’s not the point of this latest update. The point is that my busy days reminded me how much I actually look forward to getting home and playing board games, so I thought I’d start putting those points together as I remembered them.

By far the most important aspect it that I can play them with my family. Being a modern family, it means that we don’t do a lot of things together. We might be in the same room, but I’ll be browsing my iPad, Alice will be playing on her DS or reading a book, Emily, my eldest will be browsing clothes shops online (she’s obsessed with shopping) while the wife will be reading one of her many novels. We’re all in the same room, but aside from the odd snatch of conversation, or a quick break to make a cup of tea (which always seems to be my turn). That’s as far as the interaction goes. We’re with each other, but we’re not with each other, if that makes sense.

Board games changed all that. There’s something truly satisfying about sitting around a table with your friends or loved ones, and enjoying a game. Any game. Yes, the wide age difference between my two daughters (Alice is 6, Emily is 11) means we can’t play every game together, but experimentation has revealed plenty of titles that we can all play. Carcassonne, Zooloretto, Wildlife Adventure and It’s Alive are the most popular ones, and I’m sure we’ll add many others as time goes by.and my youngest gets older.

You can’t be passive when playing board games, you have to participate, you have to join in, you have to query rules, you have to challenge people when they’re trying to do something on the sly, you have to touch and caress the lovingly created pieces. Most importantly though you have fun and you’ve had that fun with people that matter.


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