New Year, New Games

2 Jan

So it’s the start of a brand New Year, so I thought I’d post what I received, or gave for Christmas. One of the great things about my new hobby is that the family enjoys it just as much as I do, so I was able to give presents that would not only benefit them, but also me. Cracking, and not something I’ve ever been able to do with videogames.

Anyhoo, I won’t go into too much detail here, simply because I haven’t had much time to play the games in question. This in itself is typical. You have an entire 10 days off for the Christmas break, and don’t give yourself enough time to do anything. Very annoying.

Anyway. Let’s take a look at the actual games…

  • Carcassonne The Catapult

This was actually a gift for my 6-year old daughter Alice. She’s a huge fan of the standard game, and already owns The Princes And The Dragon. This new set is a little too random for my liking, mainly because the included wooden catapult is pants, making it very hard to genuinely judge where you want tiles to fall. Still Alice likes it, and I guess that’s what really counts.

  • Quarriors! Rise Of The Demons

Another present, this time for my wife. She loves Quarriors! so the expansion was something of a no brainer for me. We’ve not played it yet, but it features a brand new monster, a new spell, a new type of basic corrupted die and corrupted versions of all the main monsters from the core set. It looks like a lot of fun.

  • Thunderstone Heart Of Doom

This is a gift for my 11-year old daughter Emily. She’s absolutely amazing at this game, so much so that we dread playing it with her. There’s something completely devastating about being regularly beaten at games by a child, but we plug on with it regardless. Anyhoo, we’ve not played this yet (there’s a theme building here) but it looks like a very cool set, with some great new monsters, including a mighty living thunderstone that requires a stupid amount of hit points to kill. If you fail, or if it breaches, it’s game over!

  • Power Grid

This was a present from my wife and one I’m greatly looking forward to playing. It’s a great resource game (according to those who have played it) and sees you building your own power companies to take over either germany or America. Great theme, and something I can’t wait to get stuck into.

  • Summoner Wars

Again, another game from my wife, and another game I’ve not played yet. It’s basically Magic: The Gathering, but without the need to spend an absolute fortune on cards. This sounds right up my street, as well as my mate’s Greg, so I’ll be playing it later this week.

  • Fortune And Glory: The Cliffhanger Game

I want to love this with all my heart, I really do, but so far something is stopping me. It’s steeped in theme and is effectively Indiana Jones the board game, just an unofficial version of it. you play 1 of 8 adventurers and must travel around the world retreiving artifacts and battling nazis. It’s dripping with theme, but it’s over reliance on dice is making it feel a little too random at the moment. I was playing it wrong though (I’m a chump like that) so expect a more balanced review when I’ve had some more time with it.

So that’s my new games, hope you all got great stuff as well.


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