First Magic: The Gathering 2012 Draft

10 Aug

I went down the pub tonight and played my first draft of M12 (physical at least). I joked with my mate Greg on the way there that mill was a viable option, but I didn’t really think too seriously about it.

Anyway, I opened my first pack and had an Angelic Destiny. This is a pretty cool enchantment, as it turns you creature into a flying, first strike powerhouse with a +4/+4 body. I quickly drafted a few more flyers and picked up Jace’s Erasure, a cool mill enchantment. I missed suitable cards, because I wasn’t seriously thinking about mill and opened my second pack.


The next card I opened was another huge bomb. Annoyingly though he was double black, making him very hard to justify in what was looking like a blue/white deck. I took another black card (grave digger) but it was quickly obvious that I wasn’t going to get enough decent black to justify it as a second colour so sadly had to leave it in my sideboard. I did draw a fireball though, and realising how devastating it is in draft, I happily splashed a third colour.


This was my final pick that convinced me to stay in blue-white. It’s a solid card that regularly made my Serra Angel extremely hard to deal with. It was here that I started going for the mill strategy and it worked out pretty well in the end. I nabbed 2 belltower sphinxs, 2 ponders, 3 jace’s erasure, a merfolk looter, a milling merfolk and a few other key cards like divination and a 0/3 life gainer. It was a little light on early game, but the late game looked solid.

My first match was against Dom, who was playing white/black aggression. He started off strong and quickly beat me down to 5 life, but I was able to stabilise and beat him down with a strong army of big flyer. The second game was far better as it allowed me to mill him to death. Very satisfying.

Match 2 was against my good friend Greg. He’s a great player and makes excellent draft decks. He’s also extremely lucky and had some nasty bombs including Grave Titan. He quickly played Titan first game and won it quickly afterwards.

The next two games were far better as my milling strategy was quickly in place. I kept an amazing hand with a ponder and one land and drew into 3 more lands. I had double Erasure out as well and Greg was quickly milled. The second game was also a mill win, with the highlight being killing Grave Titan with fireball.

The last round was against Chad (he’s real name’s Ben, but we all call him Chad). He’s famed for playing red aggression and this no different. The first game I won, but the second 2 games were ridiculously fast. Goblin Fireslinger is a shitty card that I couldn’t deal with and he had 4 of them. Add in a tattered soul which was unblockable and my previous tactic or sticking behind my life-gaining lions was useless. I died quickly and horribly.

I ended up coming second though, which was still pretty good and while a lot of people were taking the mickey out of my deck, I think many of them were secretly impressed that I’d made the mill strategy work (for the most part). I know I was.













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