Review – Wildlife Adventure

31 Jul
So I’ve picked up Wildlife Adventure, partly because it was part of my youth, and mainly because I remember it being a good game and wanted to be able to enjoy it with my own children.
I’m delighted to say that it stands the test of time well, and while it’s a relatively simple game, it’s involving enough to keep everyone interested.
At the beginning of a game you start off with 10 travel vouchers and 8 animal cards. The aim of the game is to navigate around the board and collect your animals. There are an additional 6 animals that anyone can collect, and more can get added as the game progresses.
Each turn players can lay one of three different coloured arrows. If an arrow lands on an animal you get the opportunity to capture it (if you have it). Green dots mean you can lay another arrow, red dots allow you to draw a card that enables you to do anything from re-lay a route, to add additional animals to the collection, while blue arrows earn you 3 additional travel vouchers.
Travel vouchers are important as they enable you to take another turn (at the cost of two vouchers) swap one of your animals for a new one, or add hazards to stop the progress of other routes.
Once a player has captured all his animals the game is over and everyone tots up their score (1 point for each captured animal and -1 for those you couldn’t find). Animal cards feature information about their figures and why they are declining, but the age of the game means many of these cards are long out of date. Despite this, Wildlife Adventure remains an enjoyable little game that’s well worth picking up if you can find a cheap copy on eBay or boardgamegeek.

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