Who Remembers? #2 Hero Quest

15 Jul

Hero Quest was originally released in 1989 and was created as a gateway entry to the games of Games Workshop, now best known for its Warhammer franchise.

A collaboration between the two companies, Hero Quest was a game for 2-5 players, with one player taking on the role of the dungeon master, and the others playing brave adventures. The 4 heroes on offer were a dwarf, elf, barbarian and wizard, each with their own unique skills that would help them in the dark and dangerous dungeons they had to explore.

Pre-dating later games such as Wrath Of Ashardalon by several decades, one of the coolest aspects of Hero Quest was that no two games were ever the same. The Dungeon Master (or Morcar as he was known) could create different room set-ups with numerous dead ends on the board, giving the impression of having to control a labyrinth-like dungeon full of traps and danger.

It worked exceptionally well to boot thanks to clever combat mechanics, numerous RPGs elements and the ability to cast spells, search for secret doors, traps and treasures. While far more basic than the likes of Warhammer Quest and Advanced Hero Quest, it proved the perfect entry point for those interested in fantasy gaming and was supported by several add-on expansions (many of which now go for lots of money).















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