Latest board game purchases

10 Jul

So I went to Southampton at the weekend with the wife and kids. One of the shops we went to was Forbidden Planet, which had a surprising amount of good board games to choose from. I could have spent a fortune in there as there were plenty of games I wanted, including Dominion, The Game Of Thrones Card Game, Small World Underground and numerous expansions for Carcassonne. In the end though I picked up the following two games.


The first game I picked up was Save Doctor Lucky. This is a prequel to Kill Doctor Lucky (a game I’ve not yet played) and has some interesting game mechanics. Set on the Titanic, the aim of the game is to save Doctor Lucky’s life by giving him your life jacket. You need to save him in front of another player though, so that your selfless deed goes into the history book. Things get tricky though due to the fact that the ship you’re on is slowly sinking.

The second game I picked up was Ticket To Ride Europe. This is a sequel to the popular Ticket To Ride, but this time is set in Europe (the original is set in America). The aim of the game is to build train routes throughout Europe. It’s one of the better known board games and is known as a “Gateway” game, meaning it’s accessible to non board game players.

The final game is Mansions Of Madness. This is a spin-off from the popular Arkham Horror series and sees a number of private investigators exploring a strange mansion. It looks rather complicated, but a lot of fun. Expect reviews of all of the above very, very soon.





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