Magic the Gathering Commander Deck review

23 Jun

If you’ve never heard of Commander before, it’s probably because it’s better known as EDH, or Elder Dragon Highlord. It’s a fun variant of Magic: The Gathering that is typically played by 3 or more players. It’s also highly entertaining to play, as it allows you to use virtually every card ever printed (with a few key exceptions) which gives you a huge amount of variation and play mechanics to take into consideration when creating decks. Unlike traditional games of Magic however it features 100-card decks and you can only use a single card instead of the multiples of 4 used in Magic. It’s also never been officially recognised by Wizards Of The Coast. Until now…

The artwork for Commander is just as good as anything in the core game

Wizards Of The Coast are now rectifying this by unleashing 5 new decks specifically designed to introduce new players to the format. And a damn fine job they’ve done too.

The 5 decks are Counter Punch, Political Puppets, Heavenly Inferno, Mirror Mastery and Devour For Power are all are based around specific themes. Devour For Power concentrates on throwing huge creatures into your graveyard, so that they can retrieved with powerful spells like Living Death, Political Puppets lets you manipulate other players and take pressure off yourself, while Counter Punch focuses on building up token creatures until you have an overwhelming army.

The decks we played with were extremely well balanced, and were even able to hold their own against EDH decks belonging to some of our friends, despite the powerful cards they featured. This in part is due to the large number of extremely genuinely strong cards that feature in each pack. Indeed, many of these cards are staples of any good EDH deck, so it’s truly satisfying to see Wizards listening to feedback and delivering a genuinely decent product.

In fact, the strengths of the decks are so good that certain unscrupulous retailers are already selling several of the packs over their recommended retail price, something I find personally disgusting.

Just one of the cool new cards available.

But that’s not all. Spread across the 5 decks are 50 new cards that range from powerful generals, to useful instants and enchantments. All the cards are specifically designed for Commander play and not for use in standard and many of them are extremely powerful and flexible as all good Magic cards should be. The packs are finished off with 3 oversized foil cards of your generals (you choose one of these to lead your army) and are easily worth their £25 asking price.

Magic: The Gathering Commander is available now from all good retailers.


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