Khet 2.0 The Laser Game Review

8 Jun
The new version of Khet 2.0 has a distinct Egyptian theme.

Khet is not a new boardgame. In fact it was first released under the name of Deflexion in 2005. It’s name was later changed to Khet, and this new version is currently available to buy from all good online retailers.

Published by Esdevium Games, Khet 2.0 is a surprisingly good strategy game that in some respects plays very much like Chess. The board is set up in a specific way and there are an additional two layouts to ensure that games never become too predictable.

Set-up is relatively straightforward, requiring around 5 minutes of your time, while games can take around 15-40 minutes to play. The gameboard features 5 distinct playing pieces: Sphinx, Scarab, Pyramid, Anubis and Pharaoh and the aim of the game is to destroy your opponent’s Pharaoh, while keeping yours in play. A task which is a lot harder than it initially sounds.

Just one of Khet's three configurations that are available.

For the trick  with Khet is that it uses lasers in a very clever way. Scarabs and Pyramids feature mirrors on some of their sides, which are used to deflect your Pharaoh’s laser. If a laser beam hits a piece on a non-mirrored side it is immediately removed from play. There are exceptions to this rule though, as the Anubis can only be removed if it is hit from the back or sides.

Every turn you can either move one of your pieces, or rotate it through 90 degrees. Your Pharaoh must be activated at the end of each turn, so you really need to work out where your laser will potentially end up before you commit to a move.

It’s a clever concept that works exceptionally well and provides plenty of strategy. Like Chess, games are often won by having thought several steps ahead of your opponent and considering every move you make. It lacks the elegance of Chess, but it remains a highly entertaining strategy game and a great alternative to many of the traditional strategy games that are currently available.

The game itself is very well made, with nice robust figures and a well designed board. Check it out if you’re after something a little different.


One Response to “Khet 2.0 The Laser Game Review”

  1. Rick January 25, 2012 at 8:16 pm #

    I just thought I’d let you know that the official expansion pack, the Eye of Horus, is now available at The Eye of Horus expansion allows players to split their beam in two, effectively doubling their attack ability. In gaming terms, this is one of the few boardgames with actual DLC!

    Check it out:

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