Unboxing The Settlers of Catan

20 May

Okay, so here’s the actual box.

Like a lot of board games it has a nice canvas feel to it and looks very classy.

Open the box and you’ll discover these 5 pieces of card and a very detailed instruction book.

The art is nice, if not exceptional, but best of all are the large number of pieces to punch out.

Hooray. More holes to punch out and there’s also a pack of cards, which contain the resources and development cards.

The set is finished off with a pair of dice, and settlements, cities and roads for 4 players.

And here’s the board set up in all its glory 🙂

The separate hexagons allow for plenty of variation, ensuring the no two games should ever be the same.

I’m heading off to France for the next few days, so this will be my final entry for the next few days. When I return I’ll be posting up details of my first play of the game with my wife and 10-year old and will also take a look at the very interesting Khet 2.0. One thing I have learned is that my 10-year old Emily is extremely devious when she plays.


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