The Twilight Zone – Season One Blu-Ray

20 May

If you’re a fan of science fiction then you should already be aware of Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone. If you’ve never heard of the hit TV show (which was so successful it spawned 2 reboots) then you really need to invest in this superb boxset, as it will quite simply redefine the way you look at science fiction TV.

This brand new Blu-Ray release features all 36 episodes of the original first season and even includes the rarely seen pilot, The Time Element. It’s a absolutely stunning transfer, full of deep blacks and fine detail and it’s amazing to think that this was first filmed back in 1959. The Twilight Zone was famed for its cinematic sets and this newly remastered transfer captures its opulence perfectly.

Audio too is of an incredibly high standard, with each 30-minute episode featuring the original mono mix along with a brand new 5.1 offering. Audio throughout is exceedingly crisp, dialogue is well prioritised and the cult score (not the jangly, which came in during season 2) sounds superb.

To complement the stunning aesthetics, this new box-set is chock-full of truly outstanding extras, including the aforementioned pilot. There are numerous commentaries, a host of genuinely informative interviews, isolated music scores, radio plays, Serling’s very first pitch to the studio execs and much, much more.

It’s always a pleasure when one of your favourite TV shows or films is given the treatment it deserves, and The Twilight Zone Season One truly is superb. If you’re a long-term fan than this is the definitive version of the hit TV show. If you’ve never heard of it before, then what are you waiting for? Pick up a copy and enjoy one of the most ground-breaking TV shows of all time.


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